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Genesis in Marine Propulsion

AMJET Turbine Systems, LLC (ATS) has utilized composite marine water jet technology to create a new low head hydro turbine/generator. Low head hydropower (axial flow) is the inverse of a marine water jet. ATS has a sister company, American Hydro Jet Corporation (AHJ), that has designed and built water jets for large yachts, see figure 6 below. The flow direction and rotation are reversed but mechanical loads, stresses and hydrodynamics are the same and basic construction developed by AHJ is now used by ATS.

Amjet Turbine Systems - About Us

Fig 6: 22m luxury Yacht "Yellow Fly" driven by an AMJET Water Jet, powered by 3MW Gas Turbine
THE ATS Management Team
  • Roger Ernst, MBA, Financial Manager and ATS Investor
  • Paul W Roos, BSME, Managing Member, Developer of the revolutionary AHJ and ATS technology and expert in mechanical design and composites applications
  • Edward Bennett, PhD, Developer of ATS¬† Hydrodynamic Design
  • Patrick McCleer, PhD, Developer of ATS ¬†Electromagnetic Design
  • Gregory Smedley, PhD, Developer of ATS ¬†Power and Control Electronics Design
  • Norman Bishop, PE, MBA, Hydroelectric Power and Renewable energy Expert in Small Hydro